Beards in Wonderland

Second Home, Brick Lane,
London, E1 5JL

Grab a ticket now for the biggest tech and digital industry party this summer!

What to expect!

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Come down the rabbit hole with us for a whimsical journey into Wonderland! Prepare for a night of fancy garments and trivialities...

A shisha pipe lounge of mushrooms - nearby is a door. To a room that hosts croquet for you to settle the score!

Strange old happenings followed by chance occurrences, delicacies galore and magical beverages...

You'll marvel, you'll dance, you'll paint the town red! You'll wander, you'll shriek, and you'll never forget!

We have room for 1000, no more and no less - and some tickets even include Kigu fancy dress!

This plus much more lies waiting in store, so quick grab your ticket and don't be a bore!

About the venue

Second Home is the most desirable working environment in the world for creative businesses. Launching in Shoreditch in October 2014, Second Home will provide beautiful private offices within a networked building that contains world-class facilities, including a stunning cafe/restaurant, a destination auditorium space and an incredible programme of cultural events and happenings. For more information, please contact: